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South Africa is truly endowed with unmatched beauty that oozes a natural blend of hundreds of animal and plant species that coexist in nature in a perfect balance. If you are truly passionate about experiencing wildlife in its ‘rawest’ and natural form, you’ve got to give up some luxuries of enclosed permanent stone structures that are common in many of the top resorts around the different national parks.

What better way to experience Africa and in particular South Africa than through Tented Camp Safaris? Think about it; in as much as some resorts offer great opportunities for sighting various wildlife encounters, the locations of large establishments makes it hard for visitors to see them and see all the action. In fact, a good number of animals tend to keep away in places where there seems to be heavy human activity but with tented camp safaris, the fact that many of the tents blend well with the environment and have minimal human footprint makes it easy to experience the most action, something that every tourist is always looking forward to and doesn’t want to miss.

Well, it doesn’t mean that tented camp safaris are for the very frugal of tourists. With tented camp safaris, what you have on offer is an extremely unique blend between classic tent living, with all of the wonderful rawness and authenticity that comes with it, and the best of contemporary design.

Think of the local tribes that live with these animals; many of their homes don’t have mega structures. The same applies to the early explorers; they didn’t have powerful cameras that could zoom in wildlife when they are hundreds of meters away; they had to be as close to where the action was taking place to capture and see moments, as possible. Tented safaris were the order of the day during those days, as explorers were simply moving from one place to another; all they needed to do was to set up their tents, spend a night, two or even several weeks there before moving on to the next stop. That’s the rawest of wildlife you can get anywhere and all that is on offer in South Africa.

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