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Kruger Park & Victoria Falls

If you are looking for lots of adventure during your next African safari to South Africa, there are two things you perhaps might want to check out if you are the adventurous type: Kruger Park: who goes to South Africa without visiting Kruger park anyway? It is home to all manner of flora and fauna […]

Honeymoon in the Kruger

Marriage is a very beautiful thing in one’s life and there is no better way to set off this journey than having a great time together alone in a romantic atmosphere. If your honeymoon destination is South Africa, then there is no better place to spend your honeymoon than Kruger National Park. The good news […]

Children on Safari

Touring the Kruger Park is the epitome of a time well spent during a wild African safari. Unfortunately, most parents are afraid of bringing their children along while visiting the wild with the excuse that it is not a place for children. The assumption is that with children’s curiosity, it is very easy for them […]

Bush & Beach Safaris

If you are planning to visit South Africa during your next African safari, there are 2 things you cannot afford to miss out even as you do everything else: Visiting the beautiful beaches and Cape Town And going on a safari in the Kruger Park The thing is; the land is vast and if you […]

Kruger Luxury Lodges

Kruger National Park is full of options for all manner of travelers especially with regards to dining and accommodation. Whether you are a backpacker looking for a tent to sleep on or have a big budget to spend during your visit to the park, you will find something to fit your needs. More precisely, if […]

Kruger Park Safaris

If your African Safari has taken you to Kruger National Park or are considering visiting Kruger National Park, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. At 2,000,000 hectares or roughly 5 million acres, South Africa’s Kruger National Park is only describable as ‘massive’. To get some clear perspective on just how vast the […]

South Africa Safari Holidays

If you ask most people with only a casual knowledge of South Africa where its wealth lies, the statements they give back to you will undoubtedly have “diamonds” or ‘gold’ tucked somewhere in them. However, those who have a deeper knowledge of the country, especially if they have an appreciation for nature, will tell you […]

Animals found in the Kruger Park

Spanning over 200,000 hectares or roughly 5 million acres and 19,485 square kilometers, of pure, raw natural beauty of untamed bush, the Kruger Park is undoubtedly the one park you don’t want to miss in your visit to South Africa. Proudly considered one of Africa’s top game reserves, the park is home to an unrivalled […]

Kruger Park Regions

Kruger National Park, spanning over 19,485 square kilometers and covering roughly 5 million acres with a vast number of attractions, a visit to the park, especially if you don’t have a clear plan can feel overwhelmingly tiring and frustrating. This vast landscape of raw African bush is one of the largest game reserves in Africa […]


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