Children on Safari

Touring the Kruger Park is the epitome of a time well spent during a wild African safari. Unfortunately, most parents are afraid of bringing their children along while visiting the wild with the excuse that it is not a place for children. The assumption is that with children’s curiosity, it is very easy for them to find themselves at harms length in the park owing to the many potentially dangerous wild animals in the park. The truth however, is that you don’t have to leave the kids behind while going on a game drive or when visiting the park. In fact, coming with them will undoubtedly make everyone to have an experience like no other. And what better way to get the kids to see the animals they see on Nat Geo Wild than see them in their natural habitat, as they roam the park?

This article has some great tips that will make your visit to the park with your children worthwhile.

For starters, it is advisable that you go to the southern part of Kruger National Park since it is more child-friendly in that the area has more plentiful game, the landscape is varied and the get-out points are not far. Malaria is a common disease inside the park and it is therefore advisable to take children above the age of five and it is wise to seek medical advice first before the trip. You should also insist on having mosquito nets and applying mosquito repellents to everyone every several hours to keep off mosquitoes. The best place to stay is near the park, as this is the best place you can be if you need help.

It is best to use the crocodile bridge gate if you have children because it is close to lower Sabie, which is a child friendly environment and there is a great chance to view large numbers of game after entering the park. Lower Sabie is also ideal for having lunch as a family. You can as well use the facilities available within Lower Sabie, as you proceed with your safari.

As for moving around the park, it is advisable that you have a car for a self drive holiday where you can just be alone together without children having to disturb other guests on the safari. It is also easy to contain children when you have your own car since you can decide to drive and stop whenever necessary.

And as far as accommodation is concerned, many of the hotels here offer child friendly accommodation facilities to ensure your visit to these hotels is as seamless as possible. For instance, many of the good hotels here will have mosquito nets to keep off mosquitoes.

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