Kruger Park Regions

Kruger National Park, spanning over 19,485 square kilometers and covering roughly 5 million acres with a vast number of attractions, a visit to the park, especially if you don’t have a clear plan can feel overwhelmingly tiring and frustrating. This vast landscape of raw African bush is one of the largest game reserves in Africa and spans across 2 provinces i.e. Limpopo and Mpumalanga in north eastern South Africa. To make your visit less stressful, you need to appreciate that the park is divided into different regions with different gates located in different parts for ease of access. Each region has a large population of certain vegetation, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, topography and other attractions. To make it easy for you to see what you might be interested in, this article will discuss the different regions that the park is divided into, as well as what you can expect to see in each region:

Northern Kruger Park Region

This region in the park ranges southward from Capricorn to the Olifants River. To the east, it is bounded by the Lebombo Mountains. The area is covered with indigenous ever present Mopane trees in the east mixed with taller trees such as Nyala trees, Leaf Jackal berry and Leadwood towards the west. The region provides excellent game viewing opportunities for Buffaloes, zebras and elephants as well as ostrich and Tsessebe which are common. It is also possible to get a glimpse of some predators like lions due to the predator-prey relationship. Moreover, the isolated and sparse hills to the west are rich in pre-historic artifacts.

Far North Kruger Park Region

The region extends south from River Limpopo to the Capricorn. It is arid, flat and is dominated by Mopane trees especially around Punda Maria. To the north of Punda Maria, the fascinating vista is divided by giant baobab trees and sandstone hills. It is the best game viewing region for rare Nyala, Roan, Sable and Eland buck. Elephants and buffaloes are also abundant with Lions and Cheetah fairly and regularly seen.

Central Kruger Park Region

The central region is by far the most game rich of the four regions bounded by River Sabi in the south and the Olifants River in the north. The region is abundant in zebra, wildebeest and giraffe with usual predators like Cheetahs and lions. The extreme south-west is home to Eland, Buffalo, Sable, Wild Dog and Rhino.

Southern Kruger Park Region

The region extends between Sabi and Crocodile River. It is densely vegetated with Acacia trees, Marula and Lead wood although Sycamore and Jackal berries dominate the river sides. This is Lion country and also has the greatest Rhino population.

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