Kruger Park & Victoria Falls

If you are looking for lots of adventure during your next African safari to South Africa, there are two things you perhaps might want to check out if you are the adventurous type:

  • Kruger Park: who goes to South Africa without visiting Kruger park anyway? It is home to all manner of flora and fauna that you will not run short of options on what to see in the 5 million acres of vastness that’s teeming with plant and animal life.
  • Victoria Falls: Although not in South Africa, this one place has enough beauty and grandeur to make anyone, whether an adventure seeker or just a sight seer, visit it just to see it for themselves. There is a reason why it is Zimbabwe’s busiest tourist destination with tourist numbers soaring every single day! Given that it is located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, you are free to visit from any side. But keep in mind that around two thirds is in the Zambian side. Whether you visit during the day or night (especially on clear skies during full moon), you are sure to see wonders you’ve never seen before i.e. moonbows, which forms when the light of the moon hits the waterfall spray, producing a lunar rainbow! And if you are the adventurous type, then white water rafting here will be an out of this world experience!

So what’s the best way to plan your trip to ensure you get the best of both worlds? Here is a simple itinerary:

On arrival to Kruger Park, you can head to Singita Boulders Lodge where you will be staying. Your safari of the park can kick off early in the morning for an early game driving before going back for breakfast after which you will be expected to be taken for a bush walk. But if you need a break, you can choose to relax and enjoy the spa treatments. In the evening, you can go for a game drive before coming back to enjoy dinner under the stars. During all these game drives, you can expect to see all the Big Five untamed and many other animals and plant species so keep your camera fully charged (with extra batteries perhaps). At the end of your game safari, you can travel to Livingstone Airport in the Victoria Falls.

After arriving at Livingstone Airport, you can then go to the Royal Livingstone Hotel where you will stay. From there, you can choose how to spend your time by either water rafting, bungee jumping, visit the local crafts market, visit the falls or just wander around the whole place. In the evening, sunsets are something you do not want to miss as you cruise upstream on a boat.

This itinerary is just but an example you might like; just like other tours, you can customize your tour according to your budget and needs.


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