South Africa Safari Holidays

If you ask most people with only a casual knowledge of South Africa where its wealth lies, the statements they give back to you will undoubtedly have “diamonds” or ‘gold’ tucked somewhere in them. However, those who have a deeper knowledge of the country, especially if they have an appreciation for nature, will tell you that the greatest of riches lie elsewhere; in the cultural/natural makeup of the country.

Take wildlife for instance- there are lots of places that have breathtaking wildlife: Kruger National Park and Sabi Sand are two such places. Besides, South Africa is home to some of the world’s largest animals; the largest bird (the ostrich), the largest earthworm (the African giant earthworm, the largest mammal (the bull elephant) and the largest fish (the whale shark).

So, if you’ve settled for South Africa as your destination for your African safari holiday, you can bet that you won’t be disappointed.

If you are looking for a dream African game drive, you won’t be short of options in the many national parks and reserves spread across the country. Eastern Cape Holidays for instance has some of South Africa’s largest game reserves all located within easy reach where you get to see the “Big Five”. Addo National Park is one of the most popular especially thanks to its high concentration of elephants, which makes it stand out from the rest.

If you fancy sea adventure, South Africa doesn’t disappoint; the Cape Coast attracts lots of calving Humpback whales around the Walker Bay so if you want to enjoy the stunning adventure, make sure to visit.

You could also sample what Kruger National Park has on offer; from the huge African elephant to the agile leopard; from the regal lions to the squat rhinos, the members of the Big Five, as well as plenty others, are here in large numbers.

Wildlife aside, there is so much more to the country. The country’s history is incredibly rich, albeit troubled in spots as is the case with every other nation, and there is a lot for tourists to learn. It is a potent attraction for the tourist, both local and international. It makes for an enthralling lesson, learning about apartheid’s impact on the diverse cultural fabric of the nation, the long and grueling fight for independence and how the European and the Africans learned to hold hands and work together.

You may have heard of the celebrated wines of South Africa.. It isn’t just the wines that make for a great attraction though; the vineyards of South Africa themselves are a true spectacle. If you are a wine buff, you will find this quick (30 minute) drive from Cape Town as exciting as it is educative.

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